Greetings from South America

Greetings from South America,

Yes believe it or not I have decided to start a blog!

Now when you have all stopped laughing, let me start out be stating a few reasons (listed below) why I have made the unlikely jump into the digital age; in spite of my now well-known disability (of course excluding the vertical challenges that genetics have so regrettably forced upon me), the inability to fully grasp the concept of what is commonly refered to as the english language (in its written form rather than verbal given the context…although both are a challenge at times :)).

List of Reasons (or as I have come to realise justifications)

1. unfortunately there are some individuals in my life (who will remain nameless since you know who you are) that are even more behind in the digital revolution than I am; making the sharing of photo´s on Facebook not a viable solution to keeping them updated.

2. My limitations with regards to the use of the internet have as well as my hight been passed down to me from my mother; making communicating with her via any form of new technology somewhat problematic and increasingly difficult…as well as an extremely frustrating use of valuable internet time in dodgy internet cafe….and yes as you may have guessed I am not getting my fair share of the i-pad with Andre practically sleeping with it! hence the need to go to the cafe.

3. Those who know me well will agree when I say that I have got the memory of a fish (only with non work related things I might add!) with many referring to me a ´Dolly´ from Finding Nemo; undoubtedly a direct result of my ´recreational´partying days of my late teens/early twenties.I would actually like to remember some of the trip in years to come, so thought this would be a good way of documenting the highlights.

Now I have probably lost many of you out of boredom already, so I think its only prudent at this juncture to clearly state what this blog is NOT going to be…

1. It is not going to be a day by day diary entry…you all should know me better than that!
2. It will not be used as a forum for me to unleash the hidden creative writer in me!
3. It will not have streams and streams of text…if anything given my appalling spelling it will have as little as possible especially since i haven´t quite yet figured out how to get spell check to work in English 🙂

Basically like me it will be a short and sweet account of my travels which you may/may not find remotely interesting apart from my mum; lets hope Darren can teach her how to follow a blog as it may just be… ¨me myself and I¨… checking in!

ahh!!! can´y believe I am actually doing this!