Sandboarding en route to Lima

Since my last few posts have seemed to develop into mini dissertations I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

With time against us we are going to make our way north as quickly as possible with Lima being out next stop. To break up the 22 hour bus ride we decided to take a one night stop over at an oasis called Huacachina.

The journey from Cuzco was pretty interesting since you literally feel like you have entered a different country after passing the Andes. Overnight the landscape seemed to go from lush green rainforest to dusty, desert mountains of sand!

It’s these huge sand dunes that are the main draw of Hucachina since you can sand board down them which is a lot of fun. Getting to the top of the dunes in gas guzzling beach buggies driven by crazy Peruvian was actually more fun!

The oasis itself is a bit of a shit hole that has been set up for the gringos. It’s about a 5 minute taxi ride from the next big town (Ica), the inhabitants of which seem to dump all their rubbish in the area. Unfortunately the place is full of plastic which blows across the dunes; one day stop over is more than enough in this place!

We decided to skip the town of Nazca since it looked pretty dead and is only really worth going to if you are interested in getting in a plane to see the world-famous Nazca lines.

These mysterious lines were created by the coastal Nazca culture (who are famed for producing highly decorative ceramics) and were largely ignored untill another American ( Paul Kosok) flew across the desert and noticed them etched into the earth. Initially he thought it was an Inca irrigation system; obviously there is more to them than simply watering the plants, but nobody really knows what their purpose is.

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