¡Hola! 2012 – 24 hours of non stop partying!

The main reason for being in La Paz was to celebrate New Years Eve with some great friends that we have made along the way through Bolivia.

The ´Jew Crew´

We had arranged it so that we would all be in the same hostel for the week; apart from our new Israeli friends who had arrived in La Paz earlier; and of course had managed to find an even cheaper hotel!

I couldn’t possibly even attempt to document everything that happened, mainly because I drank far too much to remember! The one thing I can say is that it all seemed to begin and end in a Lebanese restaurant called Alamir.

We were introduced to the place by our Israeli friends who had become quite fond of the establishments unique take on the common shisha, which formed part of the ´La Carta Blanco´ that accompanies the amazing food served by the mother and daughter duo.

Amy (Kiwi), Jo (UK), Helen (Aus) and Yanni (Safa)

Part of the night was spent at the roof top party of our hostel, which although was literally just full of gringo’s, did prove to have a very useful purpose in the greater scheme of things. As per usual Andre decided to shun any form of festivities since he was still recovering from a slight dietary problem as well as the fact that we had already had a blow out night when we first arrived. This coupled with his usual take on ” it just being another night” meant that he was initially planning to stay in for the evening. This was of course before he realised that the hostel was in fact throwing a huge party which would have made sleeping impossible and so forced him to thankfully get involved!

In England it is fair to say that ” safety never takes a holiday”; this was not the case during the firework session at midnight where anyone and everyone seemed to be letting off fireworks directly from the packed roof top terrace, often simply using their bare hands!

Given that fireworks are illegal in Israel, the group of Israeli friends we had smuggled into the party (which some how managed to grow to over 10 people!) were having way too much fun with them; nearly causing some serious harm by holding one the wrong way round! You would have thought that with all that military training they would be better equiped to deal with explosives! Obviously not 🙂

During one of the many drunken conversations, I was told by my new Kiwi friend that fireworks are the only ‘free good’ in the world; given my economics background this has managed to stick and so I thought worthy of inclusion in this post. With this in mind, there must have been a lot of happy people in La Paz that night since the entire city was quite literally set alight by the hundreds of fireworks that seemed to last for hours.

In an attempt to have more of a traditional Bolivian night, I had dragged the entire group across town to a night club I was told by a local would be good, called Traffic. This proved to be one of a catalog of errors in my judgement that evening, since it was completely empty and hugely overpriced, resulting in us all returning back to the party we just left which was still in full swing!

Thankfully we all eventually left the hostel to a local club called Luna y Sol, which although was again, full gringos (who all seemed to be below the age of 20) did mean that we could all have a boogie until 8am.

Hunger pains split the group leaving Andre and me spending the rest of the evening (by this point early morning) with a really cool couple we had met that night (Libby and Bren).

The hunt for ´food´ took us stupidly back to the Lebanese a couple of times in the hope that it would eventually open for breakfast, which of course it didn´t. Eventually after scowering the city, we were able to get some snacks from a bar called Route 36 to finish off what was an awesome night.

New Years Day was as you could imagine simply written off as a hang over day. Unlike the usual painful days in London spent attempting to get some sleep, we had a great day with the 8 other people in our dorm joking around and reminissing of the night gone by.

We eventually got ourselves out of bed for a farewell dinner with Libby and Bren; this is where I had my second huge error in misjudgement. I suggested we should go back to the lebanese to chill out (with one of thoses shisha´s) before eating some food. Before we could even finish the first bottle of wine our dear ´light weight´ friend (Bren) decided to pull the biggest whitey I have ever seen. It scared us so much that we decided to cancel the order and head back to their hostel room for him to lay down.

The one thing I did do right was to trek down to Burgur King for some desperately needed salts!


One comment on “¡Hola! 2012 – 24 hours of non stop partying!

  1. oh man i cant stop laughing, absolutely classic. I promise, it was the altitude… and i think i must have eaten too much new years eve!! Love it mate, hope your not being too precious on Inca – If i could id bring ya some burger king for when you finish!

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