The best Christmas EVER!

After spending three days in unfamiliar territory this ‘city boy’ was in definite need of some pampering, especially on Christmas Eve! Thankfully the little frontier town of Rurrenabaque is a charming place with everything a modern-day traveler would possibly need. Superb sunsets and dense night fog that nestles within the dramatic mountains that surround the town.

The highlight was without doubt, Oscars bar, which our new Israeli friends took us to. It wasn’t actually in our Lonely Planet, since most Israeli hangouts actually aren’t and given that they only usually talk to other Israelis they tend to stay that way!

This place was a real gem, with its owner, Oscar- an eccentric business man with a certain fondness for young Israeli girls, thinking of absolutely everything one would need to have an amazing relaxing day by the pool.

We spent the day drinking tequila, swimming in the pool, playing pool, table tennis, volleyball and eating amazing food which was definitely required after the special tobacco!

All of this was complimented by the most breathtaking views given that it’s at the top of a hill overlooking the town below.

Even the journey to and from the place was amazing since you had to take a motor bike taxi, for a pound, up and down the steep off-road track which was a lot of fun, especially drunk!

Since I could be mistaken for an Israeli myself, we actually got talking to some of the other groups there which provided a really interesting insight into the complicated and delicate lifestyle that these young people have. I would still agree with the Lonely Planet’s description of their uninhibited travelling style. Although they all seem to feel that every other country and society in the world is beneath that of their own (of course I am generalising here a little) I do have a new-found respect for Israelis and understand their position a little better now.

Although funnily enough Andre decided to omit certain information pertaining to his German passport, preferring to lead with his Polish one seeing as he was in ‘their den’ so to speak!

The day was topped off with a tasty BBQ Christmas dinner from ou favourite restaurant in town.

With the morning hangover cure being the most tasty breakfasts from the best French baker I have ever been too!


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