San Antonio De Areco – The land of the Gaucho

San Antonio De Areco is a very pretty town about 2 hours from BA and was one of the best days we had in Argentina thus far. Luckily for us there was an annual Gaucho festival taking place; all of the Gauchos from the Pampas come to show off their horses and compete in a Texas like rodeo.

The pics below speak for themselves, but I would like to add that the day also restored our faith in the argentine beef since it was simply delicious!

For those of you who remember the Rio blog, Andre was up to his old tricks again and was blown away by the very good looking D&G model types on horse back in really trendy traditional clothing.

He spent most if his time hiding behind his camera lens taking secret pics of the men! Unfortunately for him, failed to look where he was walking and cut his foot yet again really badly on a sharp stump of metal.

For your benefit Josephina, I havent put another bloody pic in…this time he actually needed three stitches! When it initially happened we thought it was just another bad cut, so I went off to find something to stop the bleeding.

Another thing I have learnt is that people here are very proud. The never like to not know anything, so instead of telling you they don’t know where something is they will send you on a wild goose chase. About 40 minutes later, after running around in the smouldering heat, I returned empty handed only to see this concoction below;

By the time I had got back a friendly festival goer got the ambulance to come and do this bodged job on his toe…it was quite funny really, since it supposedly caused quite a scene. Although I assured Andre that the bandage didn’t look too ridiculous and that nobody really noticed it…the truth of the mater was that everyone did and they were all secretly staring…some not so secretly!

I didn’t really want to be seen around him to be honest, so we actually split to watch different things only for him to return with a new and much better bandage after being taken to the town hospital by the ambulance who stopped him to check up on how things were. He was given an injection and stitched up in what he describes as the top floor of a house with a large open room with 6 post op people and dirty surgical equipment.

Thankfully all is well with the toe..well it hasn’t fallen off just yet. The funny thing is that despite of all the drama he endured all on his own, he still has massively fond memories of the day simply because of all the pictures he now has of the hot men! So I have no pity for him and neither should you!


2 comments on “San Antonio De Areco – The land of the Gaucho

  1. I have to say too, the pictures you’re uploading are fantastic, stunning and vivid. Really enjoying being a part of this journey with you babe x

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