Ipanema – where the beautiful people live

We had heard from pretty much everyone that Rio is where the beautiful people were since we hadn’t really been impressed with the look so far. We had initially planned for it to take two months to get there by which time I was hoping to have lost the beer gut and have a pretty decent tan before unleashing this body on the beach. We got there within a month and my waist line I am sure had actually increased! Thankfully my ability to turn the same colour as the locals hadn’t let me down so 1 out of 2 wasn’t too bad!

In any case even if I had starved myself for the entire trip nothing would have prepared me for the impressive sight on the beach, particularly in Ipanema (without question the best beach in the world).

People from Rio or Cariocas, as they are known seem to spend most of their time working out on the beach on any one of the hundred free gyms along the side of the pedestrian paths that run the length of both Ipanema and Copacabana. If they are not doing that they are either playing volley ball or beach ball which is basically the Brazilian version were they are not allowed to use their hands ( quite an impressive sight), failing that, they are surfing on what are clearly some of the best waves in the world. Given that I am so clearly not in any way shape or form ( unfortunately) a surfer, I can say this only because of the international surfing competition that was taking place that week which in addition to the most stunning scenery makes way for some great shots.

Now I have always felt that I have always had an appreciation for both the male and female form, however I have to be honest and say that the famous ‘girl from Ipanema’ must be that of legend/myth, since all I could see were hordes of disproportionate women with arses that resembled pots of cottage cheese in inappropriate thongs!

Andre too has an appreciation for the male form, so much so that he quite seriously banged his toe due to his wondering eye and the strangely high pavements!

I thought this was hilarious and taught him a lesson!….only to be in the same unfortunate position for exactly the same reason that same day!

By garyabela Posted in Brazil

3 comments on “Ipanema – where the beautiful people live

  1. Gary, the girl from ipanema is not a legend….just sit your ass in the little food place at the corner of rua vinicius de moraes and rua prudente de morais and then watch….
    Best bossa cd place is at toca de vinicius on 126 vinicius de moraes
    I also recommend the helicopter trip and cycling around the lagoa.
    Best nights are in Lapa…Rio Scenarium.

    Tudo bem

    • wow it cant be since you have given such precise locations for her! unfortuenatly i have now left Rio but if I decide to go back for carnival i will have another look. thanks for the tip! hope all is well

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