Ouro Preto

This was simply a one night stop over on the way down to Rio which had an unexpected twist that could have seen us extending another day to simply continue the party with radom locals!

Ouro Prêto is the jewel in the crown for Minas Gerais which has a number of historic towns. Significant historically as a center of gold mining and government, and as the stage for Brazil’s first independence movement it is Brasil 3rd most visited tourist destinations.

The city is full of the most well preserved Mineiro architecture and is also home to a large university making it a lively night spot what ever the day of the week.

Our coach was leaving that evening at 10pm and so we decided to hit one of the local student bars for a quick few to ease the uncomforatble night sleeping on the coach.

What was intended to be a few lead to a far amount more after meeting the most unlikly drinking buddies, 23 year old hospitality undergrad, Bruna and her suggar daddy.

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