Reggae and Hippie mashup

If the amazing waterfalls cascading over the mountains and plateaus as well as the daily contact with wildlife (including monkeys, parrots and various types of humming birds) wasn’t enough, the small colonial town was a heady mix of local families with a healthy dose of Rasta’s and Global travellers (hippies that have never managed to actually leave) living harmoniously with each other in the most chilled out place I have even been too.

This in conjunction with their unique type of ‘tobacco’, planted the seed to what has now become this blog.

This place will forever conjure up a number of ‘special moments’, too many to put down in writing (and to be perfectly honest, in the light of day, probably not as interesting to read…but at the time they were the moments that unlocked the key to me finally switching off from the city life I left behind in London).

The daily routine consisted of an early start with a huge carb heavy breakfast served up by Sylvia, the infectious Pousada owner; undoubtedly the produce of the Woodstock era (with a strangely husky voice).Breakfast was followed by tough but amazing treks for the most part of the day, before heading back to the lodge for a hot shower ahead of spending countless hours in the small village drinking, eating and chatting to locals and travellers alike.

1. Breakfast

2. Home for the week

3. Chilled nights out

This was also the place were we found the best tasting pizza of all time….and before you think it, it wasn’t just because of the after effects of their tobacco!

By garyabela Posted in Brazil

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