What turned out to be the best night out thus far!

We arrived in Salvador on a Tuesday which is always a party night in the area known as Pelourinho…

…also famous for being the set of the Michael Jackson video for “They don’t really care about us”.

see the blue door in the video?

Given that the following day was a public holiday it was even more of a party with street parties going on everywhere…we were lucky enough to be right in the middle of it staying at Hostel Cobreu..allowing us to take some shots of the festivities. ( you do not go outside at night with any valuables)

Insert movie and add caption to stay tuned to the end

We met a cool ‘diverse’ range of fellow travellers and had an awesome night out getting hammered on a local drink called …..(can´t quite remember the name) Which just tasted like shots of Ribena without the water but very strong indeed.

Thankfully the place is full of great street food to soak up the alcohol, particulary `acaraje` which I understand has African roots given that Salvador has the lagest number of African decendants in Brazil.

Whether or not it was the alcohol or the fact that we were in a group, we felt complete safe and left Salvador with a much better impression than we first hand…there is no question that it is beautiful albeit sketchy city.

By garyabela Posted in Brazil

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