Next stop Jericoacora or put simply Jeri

Regrettably we had to leave Luzia and make our way to a remote stretch of the northern cost line the Lonely Planet describes as a ‘backpackers heaven’.

Andre and I weren’t too overly impressed with the place which felt more like a club 18-30s resort for surfers and Brazilians from neighbouring cities; whether this is simply a poor reflection on us (being boring farts) or the lonely planet I am not too sure…the other people in our hostel seemed to love it.

To be fair it took us over two days to get there using various modes of transport some of which I never thought we would actually come out of alive…

First there was the 2 hour jeep ride across enormous sand dunes with an overloaded cargo of people…thought we would tip with every turn!

If that wasn´t enough we eventually came to a river/lake to see this below! I simply couldn´t believe that they would even try to get the big overloaded jeep on to that and have two little boys push it with sticks…

…oh but yes they did, really thought this was the end for us

So having come from such a quiet, remote place off the back of an eventful journey which simply added to our excitement of what were going to find at jeri we were hugely underwellmed…once over the initial disappointment we did begin to see some of the charms of the place…the highlight being the daily walk up to the top of the sand dune by the entire village (locals included) to see the sunset which is supposedly the only place in the world where you can see an emerald sunset…again the lonely plant describes it as…

“….the sun slowly dipped down the horizon and the sky smelted into an amazing kaleidoscope of colours that you will never forget…”

Well I can tell you that I will never forget it since you can’t forget something that never actually happened… Well not while we were there anyway.

Although it was still a lovely sunset and there were other things to do there as well…

By garyabela Posted in Brazil

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