The real back packing begins

unfortunately the time at casa do Fragoso had to come to an end.
The next adventure was visiting a national park (Lencois Maranhenses) in the very North of Brazil just next to the Amazon. Getting there was an adventure in its self and consisted of a 6 hour flight to Sao Luis (via Brasilia which I only found out was the capital of Brazil! I know I have never been very good with geography..or come to think of it anything academic but in my defense it is relatively new (1950´s)  and was purpose-built to be the poster child of this newly emerging powerhouse Brazil…as it turns out it’s not been the massive success everyone thought (still early days I guess) but it does post some of the finest architecture and city planning I have ever seen (even if jut from the window of the plane). It is also the beginning of my new appreciation for anything designed by Oscar Niemeyer, who is probably the most famous Brazilian architect with an equally interesting life story.

Once in Sao Luis (the only city the French manged to conquer in the 15 hundreds…although like most things they have left it to fall into disrepair…as an interesting aside it was the original birth place of Reggae in Brazil) we had to get on a 7 hour bus journey to a remote fishing village on the edge fo the national park called Barreirinhas to stay a night in what they call a posada (B&B to you and me) for the night before embarking on a 5 hour boat ride up the river to our final destination on the edge of the national park a small fishing village called Attins and then a further 40 minuet 4X4 ride to our next home from home for a while.

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