First Stop Recife

First week of this 8 month-long adventure was the North Eastern city of Recife to stay with Andre´s friend who he met over ten years ago for just three days whilst on tour in the US…a little strange considering he only got back in touch when we decided to go to Brazil! Although I must say that once we arrived it felt completely fine with her and her family; who were hugely excited to simply have foreigners over to stay.

The next week was  quite simply pure luxury; staying in a huge two-floor penthouse apartment with mum and dad (Eulalia and Mario), daughter (Marianna), dog (Scooby), Felio the parrot (yes I know very cliches; be rest assured, not all Brazilian families have parrots!) and finally the maid Anna (aka Annnhaaa).

The week consisted of daily outings, local authentic nights out attempting to dance Forro (the regional form of Samba…luckliy for me Andre´s Germanic rhythm made me look gtreat…see video below) and 3 large meals every day with more food than we knew what to do with…strangly everything seems to have sugar sprinkled over the top as well as a funny form of cuscus type powder called ???which I was told was specific to this region).

video of Andre to be uploaded

Felt like a home away from home with the only difference being Anna waiting on us hand and foot…duties included making the bed (although you will be happy to know that we did our bed every morning…just felt a little rude), cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner which also included all of the cleaning up (we weren´t even allowed to clear the table!) and finally our washing…mum you would love her!

We also had the pleasure of being taken to their beach house for a couple of days in a place called Porto Galinhas which is a palm-fringed beach with the most stunning holiday homes. Also know as the port of chickens it gets its name from the fact that after Brazil outlawed the slave trade, illicit slaving ships would land here loaded with crates of chickens (galinhas) as a cover for their human cargo.

Uncomfortably there was an entirely different maid at this property too that would simply look after the house and its guests!

Thats the beach house we got to stay in! The beach also has these little tide pools called piscinas around clusters of coral reefs just off the main beach…the fish are insane and actually bite you. As you can see from the pic below my hight was not conducive to this particular activity !

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