Day trip to Olinda

This is one of the first capital cities in Brazil founded by the Portuguese, although later taken over by the Danish for a brief period. Absolutely beautiful place with amazing colonial architecture simply dripping in history.

This was also the birth place of our ´jumping pictures´ after realising that you all back home would get board of seeing the same looking building over and over again with my ugly mug infront of  it…not to mention the gut that I had grown due to over eating…and yes I know this is not something new for me 😦


In a similar vein we also first introduced our traveling buddy who is quite fittingly known as  ´Pufft´  for those not too familiar with the ghost busters 80´s classic. The story behind this is that it was given to us by Andres friend, Jon Lawton because it is probably the only openly out gay bad guy in any movie, as such we felt compelled to take him along with us for the ride!

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I  am also told that Olinda hosts the best carnival in all of Brazil…unfortunealy we will miss it, however have been invited back by our host family…the men supposedly get in drag for the occasion….I have no idea why the family thought we would be interested in that! I am telling myself things must have simply been lost in translation…we are definitely not those community types!

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